Camel coat


Hello folks, today in this post IAm talking about how to wear the camel coat, first let's discover the camel coat : 

Men’s Camel Coat

As you might have guessed, camel is a colour that resembles the fine hair on a camel’s back. It’s close to beige, but lacks some of the lightness of that tone. Beige coats can sometimes be difficult to match with other colours, as it contains a more yellowish tone than the brown based camel, making it contrast with certain skin tones as well as clothing pieces.
Camel has a richer, more versatile tone that suits every skin tone, and can go with a larger range of clothing. You can wear camel in smart and formal looks, opting for something like a trench or long overcoat for a more sophisticated finish, or a bomber jacket for a more relaxed, casual look. Either look will work, and the tone will keep both looking light, clean and easy to accessorise.

In this look I'm wearing an all black everything with the camel coat;

  • Ripped jeans from Zara 
  • Boots from exist shoes
  • Roll neck from ASOS menswear
  • Beanie from ASOS

Your Quick Guide on How to Wear a Camel Coat

  • A camel peacoat is a great choice for both casual and formal looks, with the light colour helping to accentuate the dimensional, double breasted design.
  • A camel bomber jacket is best suited for casual looks, and you can create a relaxed finish by pairing it with other light toned pieces.
  • Change up the style of a biker jacket by going for a suede, camel design, pairing it with darker tones for a bold, dynamic look.
  • With its long design, a trench coat is a handy winter staple that offers a sleek, elegant look. Wear with light, muted colours, like blue and brown, to keep your outfit balanced.
  • A camel blazer’s structure can give you a formal look, while the the light colours give off a calmer, less refined finish. Try wearing one with matching trousers and a simple white shirt for a clean, balanced outfit.
  • If you’re going for a wool camel coat, make sure you’re using more than 50% wool in a mix, or full wool to obtain the heat benefits.

If you’re bored of black coats, you’re looking for something versatile, and you don’t want to go for anything too dark then a camel coat is a good option. If you’re a fan of light clothing a camel coat can easily complement a range of staple pieces, from casual, clean coloured jumpers to smart white dress shirts. It can easily match with darker toned pieces as well, working well with more muted looks and creating a striking finish.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I see you soon with the next post

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  1. I love the outfit especially the camel coat (: It looks really classic.