About me


                   Welcome to my own creative space

who I Am?!
-my name's Anas ouaadidy, Based and studying marketing in Marrakesh,Morocco, and I Am the founder of this blog.

what I do?!
-Iam a lifestyle and fashion blogger, I started blogging since august 2015 ans I was inspired by the great icons of fashion and lifestyle and motivated by a couple of moroccan friends and bloggers.

why I do it? 
-I was always a lover of fashion and travels, always passionate of having a great outfit and being stunning in the street and taking beautiful pictures of the places I visit but I did not have the courage to share my stuffs on the media so I decided to started blogging and it still one step at the time.The purpose of my blog is to represent the everyday man, a blog that covers multiple aspects of life and to express my style, love for photography and passion for fashion and lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to drop me a follow on social medias in the links below.

Anas Ouaadidy