Ways To Wear: The Biker Jacket

The modern interpretation of a ‘biker’ takes its lead from the original Schott Perfecto, introduced in 1928. The asymmetric zip is the jacket’s defining feature, with zipped cuffs, epaulettes, a flap change pocket and belted front – all included on the Perfecto – making fleeting appearances on current iterations.
This symbol of rebellion and adventure has a rich history and significant cultural importance, which is exactly what makes it such a menswear classic.
Outfit Inspiration
Look One: Off-Duty, Winter Ready
Ready your leather for winter by investing in a piece with a Borg collar. Sidestep the punk and rock connotations of the silhouette and integrate it into a more heritage-inspired ensemble that makes good use of rugged textured elements – the statement collar being the first of them.
Don an on trend yet timeless cable knit jumper underneath the biker and opt for a pair of wool trousers to smarten the look up. The versatility of woollen trousers shouldn’t be underestimated; they partner a shirt and tie as well as they do a cable knit and biker, making them a worthy addition to any wardrobe.
Look Two: Smart-Casual
Juxtapose against the biker’s edgy roots by pairing with smart-casual pieces. Forgo the blazer in favour of the leather and slip it over a slim Oxford shirt and knitted tie combination. Bring it up another sartorial notch by accessorising with a neat tie bar that doesn’t threaten to overpower your neck wear.
The tie provides a strong pop of colour against the black and white backdrop. Complement this with some burgundy suit trousers – the rich autumnal hue works extremely well with both the deep green tie and the black leather jacket.

Look Three: The Transitional Period
Move away from conventional black leather and instead favour a grey woollen take on this classic.
Keep it casual with just a t-shirt underneath – its dark yellow colouring makes a subtle statement and works just as well within a rich autumnal palette as it does when the spring sun is shining.

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