Es saadi - Marrakech


When I had my best swim Ever !!
Es Saadi resort is the one of the best famous destinations ever in Morocco and a heaven for the bloggers for make a rich beautiful content, It's located in downtown Marrakesh just 10 minutes from the airport, you can see the beauty of it just from outside where everything is organised and people work there are in Moroccan typical outfits and a really good welcoming min tea, what makes you getting more excited to discover all the secret places around, YES SECRET, many people stayed there before and did not get the chance to explore the places that I will show you and others that I will show you next time

this beautiful place named Majorelle Villa inspired from the famous Jacque Majorelle garden and villa but this one you stay in, really relaxing and calm and awlays with the moroccan touch and rounded with swimming pool and palms.

you will need to take the stairs or elevator the terrasse, Open a small window there and take the shot but be careful to do not fall directly into the pool 

The Green Villa

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