one of best destinations ever Dar El Sadaka combine beauty and charm of Morocco and creativity, it's  a unique property with an astonishing interior. The artwork lives in the villa more than it decorates it, creating an atmosphere like no other, created by the artist  Jean-François Fourtou who makes absolutely the most creative work I have ever seen.

the giraffe lobby is so beautiful that you do not wanna leave it ever, it's a calm place where we had breakfast and dinner where launch we had it next to the pool,when you are at the lobby you can see as well many creations also by  Jean-François Fourtou like a small example of  the upside down house and the three sizes made house which is very beautiful where you can feel like kid and everything is big.

We had sunset at this beautiful place looking a the upside down house and having tea and carrot cake

Upside down house so bad I was alone and able to take pictures because I got I bit busy

however even if I speak for day I can not describe everything here, many things that you can see and discover starting from the small stuffs to the big stuffs everything is so creative and special.

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  1. Very well put together. How do you do from taking photos editing and eventually writing about it . Because it's very impressing .