Scarabeo Camp


Scarabeo Camp is a Stone desert camp that is 45min far from Marrakech where it make you feel the beauty of the desert, it's a place that gives you the feeling of going the to a real desert without that you travel all the way to Merzoga or Zagoura, and you can go there by yourself or by asking for one of them personal drivers and they use 4x4 cars so It's the perfect place for people that work the whole week to relax and also for the ones that looking to explore new places and take beautiful pictures and do some of the activities that they as the camels and Buggy... 

هو واحد المخيم بعيد على مراكش ب45 دقيقة فبلاصة سميتها صحراء اگافاي وليكيتميز بانهكاتعيشفيه الجو ديال الصحراء بلا متحتاج انك تمشي حتال مرزوكة، زاكورة ولا المحاميدالغزلان، تقدر تمشي بوحدك فسيارة ولا تستعن بالسائق ديال المخيم لي كيجيو فسيارات رباعية الدفع، كايتميز ايضا بلي فيه بزاف تالانشطة بحال الجمال و الدراجات الرباعية وًهي بلاصة يقدر يمشي ليها الشخص لي كايخدمً السيمانة كاملة و كيقلب علىً الهدوء وايضا الناس لي باغين يبدلو الجو وياخدو صور زوينين

When you arrive you will great staff  that will be welcoming you with Moroccan Mint-tea and sweets while they prepare your tent if you are staying the night, and you can also book a launch or dinner.

فاش كاتوصلو كايرحبو بيكم ناس لي خدامين تما ب اتاي مغربي و الحلوة مغربية😂علا ما يقادو ليكم الخيمة الى كنتوا اتباتو عندهم، حيت ممكن انكم تمشيو على الغذاء او العشاء


Once you will enter to the beautiful tents you will obsessed with all the stuffs they have their, really old items that make you feel wonder, very vintage cameras and books gives you the energy to explore more, some beautiful rugs and lights, the tent has also a fireplace for the winter so it's warn and no worries about the cold nights.

كاتدخلو للخيام شي حاجة واعرة و زوينة حيت اتلقاو فيهم تويشيات قدام بحال زرابي و كتب و كاميرات مغبرين كايخليك تعيش واحد الجوزوين و كاتستعملهم فالصور ديالك حيت كايعطيو منظر زوين فالصورة، وكاين حتى المدفاة على البرد فالليل يعني كاتنعس و نتى مرتاح🔥👍🏼

thet really have great food it's so yummy and delicious, they prepare food for vegan people and meat as well, they also make good juice like carrot one, and everything is fresh so I also love the setup and  the view on the mountains and camels while having your launch, and for dinner it so chilly and you will be having candles surrounded and relaxing music.


the camp is designer by a photographer which makes it the best destinations to take more and more rich content and pictures for lifetime 

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